Monday, January 25, 2010

D.A.'s $2 Birthday Wish for Vanessa Fighting Cancer: Birthday Wish Results!

Vanessa with me and my sister Serena

Hey Gang!

Thank you all for contributing to my $2 birthday drive last wed (1/20) for Vanessa Fighting Cancer. Together, we raised approximately 60% of my $1000 birthday goal..! Proving that with the combined power of friends, family, and community, no donation is too small and every drop in the bucket counts. A whole bunch of you action oriented types couldn't even wait for my birthday to happen yet when you hit the donate button! (Hey, I was never one to color within the lines either..I love you guys!)

My 38th birthday was truly was a special day. Thank you for making it so.

For those of you who still want to contribute to my $2 birthday wish, it's never too late, by all means, jump in and make a donation.

The world is a better place with Vanessa rockin' it.

Thank you!

yours truly,
D.A. of Black Rock
(aka Dominic Tinio)

How about you? You have a birthday coming up don't you? Let me know if you would like to celebrate your upcoming birthday by doing a Birthday Drive benefitting Vanessa fight. It's easy! Set your own goal, tell us your birthday, tell your friends and we'll get it on the blog!