Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Short Film by Vanessa: The Hidden Jewel

Vanessa in a nutshell.. impossible to describe, there is no such nutshell. She is a hummingbird with a lion's heart, dancing her way from flower to flower, each one reflecting an aspect of herself that is called to surface.

Here is a little video that Vanessa shot, edited, and scored just a few weeks ago, before her emergency surgery and diagnosis on New Year's Eve.

The beautiful piano score in the background, that's Vanessa playing. She says she doesn't "know" how to play piano. Like many things that Vanessa is gifted at, she simply feels her way through it.

You will also be hearing Vanessa's voice and her words.

As you watch this film, for those of you who begin to feel a connectedness with Vanessa, feel free to imagine calm, clarity, and swift resolution surrounding her as she currently navigates through the corridors of the health care system right now.

Imagine her love and her light finding her way.