Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vanessa Fighting Cancer

To The Fighters: On Vanessa's Behalf

Vanessa is in the fight of her life..

It takes great courage, fierce determination, and tremendous discipline to be a free spirit in this world. Until our governments can figure out the whole Health Care mess, it looks like we're on our own.

But WE are not alone. All we have is each other..and we're all in this together.. our circle of friends is strong.. and worldwide.. and growing..

Vanessa Smith of San Francisco, Oakland, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, and Black Rock City.. rock & roll musician, artist, dancer, healer, student, single mother of a 5-year old superhero.. during a Holiday visit to her family in Dallas Texas was admitted into the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery and diagnosed with Advanced Colorectal Cancer.

The doctors are saying that her cancer is aggressive, however, it is currently localized and they are hopeful for a full recovery.

Vanessa needs additional surgery but first has to get strong enough to endure her first round of chemotherapy (5-7 weeks) in an attempt to reduce the cancer before operating.

For the surgery, Vanessa has been accepted to one of the best cancer hospitals in the States: MD Anderson in Houston Texas

Post-surgery, we are hoping to get Vanessa back home with her son in the San Francisco Bay Area for extensive chemotherapy (3-5 months) at Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center approximately 10 blocks from her apartment.

Please send Vanessa your love and support during this difficult time by emailing her:

A drop in the bucket on Vanessa's behalf would benefit her state of mind immensely. We are in the beginning process of organizing Vanessa Fighting Cancer fundraisers and will be publishing a clear financial goal as the course unravels.

Donations can be made to Vanessa Smith directly via Paypal:

For those of you out in the world who know and love Vanessa and would like to throw a fundraiser event, please feel free to send information here.

Subject: Vanessa Fighting Cancer Fundraiser (and Location)

Please stay tuned and thank you for fighting..